27 January 2011

My first original art posting!

Usually, I don't post original art work on the Internet because just about any Joe Blow or Jane Pain can lift an artist's work right off and use the intellectual property however he or she sees fit. And while I'd be arrogant to say that all my ideas are flippin' fantastic, I certainly don't want to take any chances before registering something fancy with the patent office in the good, ol', US of A.

However, since this is an unusual circumstance - you all can guess why - I say, What the hey! What can I post at least?

God save Dover Publications, and God bless print-making!

Experiment: A Gift (c. 2008)

After taking trail-blazing illustration class back in community college, I finally decided I wanted to be an illustrator. This style of project captivated me faster than a flame captivates a moth. The media consists of transferred images from various Dover sources, along with meticulous, freehand pen and ink (about .25mm), and watercolor, all on masonite. This one went to a friend and former high school teacher.


  1. Hi, I'm the "unusual circumstance."


  2. Hurrah for "unusual circumstances"! :D

  3. As I said, I would begin commenting on the artworks you share here. I'm quite belated but rest assured, I'm loyal to my word. While I doubt I can offer any worthy critiques, not having been educated in fine arts and whatnot, I think you would appreciate any and all feedback you can get.

    I love your "Experiment: A Gift piece". And to think you created this back in 2008! I can only imagine the progress you've made since then, not that I can see any obvious room for improvement. As an animal lover, I adore the inclusion of critters, real and imaginary alike, in your art. It takes great patience to do such detailed work. The color of the mediums are present but not overbearing, and give the piece an antique feel to me. The coloring, while gentle, gives depth to the piece and allows each image its own individuality.

    The image to the far left reminds me of wrought iron work, and I'd love to have it in my own personal garden. It's whimsical to me and I enjoy the variety of spirals, corkscrews, and straight lines. It has variety while at the same time making artistic sense as one full image. In my understanding (which is very limited), you used multiple sources to make this piece. I believe you have a fine taste for combining imagery.

    Yep. I'm pretty sure I sound like a babbling dumbass, but it's my illiterate attempt at being supportive. I can very much appreciate 'meticulous, freehand' work. I'm sure my own patience would be shot before completing a quarter of the work, but hey...that's why you're the artist, and a damn good one at that. I don't make a new account for just anyone! :)

  4. @Cannibal Jello: You're going to run out of helium very soon, I'm certain. My ego is inflated enough as it is. ^o^

    With all seriousness, I appreciate your constructive comments. :) Even for someone who has not had that much exposure to fine arts, you sure as anyone know how to articulate yourself in a manner that is very art-worldian. I'm just ashamed that the photograph for this was not better, as this is about as sharp as a barber's knife that's seen too much facial hair. But what the hey! This blog is more like a sketchbook than the place to put all my over-the-top, GTFO-fantabulous work. :D I'm reserving those for when I put up my gooder website, as well as you-know-where...