29 January 2011

My six best, eh?

Well, not my "bestest best," per se. I don't want to post the best because 1) I'm trying to be careful about some my intellectual property that I think has potential, or 2) the artworks require censor bars so large, you won't be able to see them.

Like, for reals... I'm just that kind of artist! But I hope you enjoy what I've got:

Reflection (2010) graphite.
1. One piece that came out of my realistic rendering class. The course blew. My. MIND.... Actually, the course was very relaxing. Of course, some students couldn't stop yakking, but hey! Didn't phase my Buddha a bit.

HOSTIA, No. 9 (2010) watercolor.

2. Part 9 of 9 for a project in my traditional illustration class. It was an intense course, but I gained a better idea of who I am as an artist and what subjects I enjoy most.

But as far as I'm concerned, I don't wanna ever draw or render another rose for awhile. Ibexes are still cool. Just not roses...

Self Portrait (2011) Photoshop.

3. Hey-ho! Whaddya know? It's my current icon on Blogspot! Who is that handsome devil with the chocolatey locks? Why, it is I! "Dani"!

I've been obsessed with trying to freehand in Photoshop. When you're as bound to traditional media as I am, the only reason you go anywhere near the computer is to touch-up. If you want perfect contour lines, you'll be erasing and re-drawing the same line 20+ times.

As for my self-portrait, I've never enjoyed self-portraits. I don't even enjoy looking at photographs of myself without feeling terribly uncomfortable. I am extremely, deathly boring in real life, and whenever I've been asked to create a self-portrait, firstly, I go into instant, paralysing shock, and secondly, I always need to embellish. So, viola! Disneyfied and then some.

Anonymous water lily (2010) colored pencil.

4. Just warming up with colored pencil. Loved rendering the flower!

Eros Giving His Blessing (2010) Photoshop.

5. I love this guy for so many reasons: firstly, he was also entirely hand-drawn in Photoshop. Secondly, my background decoration was entirely my doing - hand-drawn, kiddoes! Lemme tell ya, not easy.

Thirdly, he was my first successful attempt at the Disney style. Once again, not easy to master! His proportions came out odd in the end - although, at least once, I absolutely meant to draw out of proportion, but that's another story...

Fuel (2010) colored pencil.

6. Ah! The final for my rendering course, created from stock images throughout the Web. This turned out much more successfully than the flower, and of course, I aced that class, thank the gods!

PS - Font for the copyrights on my artworks came from Dieter Steffman. Go give that man props!


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  2. In an effort to be as brief as possible, I'll dive straight to the point.

    Honey, -all- of your works have potential, in my honest opinion. Still, it's good to see you guard yourself (however much it prevents the rest of your innocent audience from enjoying what you consider your true best). I certainly wouldn't want to see anyone profit when and where you deserve to.

    "Reflection" is a wonderful piece. The black and white caters to my personal tastes, as does the imagery involved. Go Buddha! Lightness aside, I love how this image has many aspects to it. The viewer is show both sides of a very religious object, which could stand for many metaphoric messages. Of course, such messages could only be inferred if so desired, which proves you have the ability to both cater to both superficial and profound imagery. Such imagery can make a person think (even if unintentionally), which is what art with true substance is all about. Also worthy of mention is how soft the fabric looks. It appeals to my tactile self.

    "HOSTIA, No. 9" is colorful. I appreciate anyone who can use watercolors (having been haunted by memories of using it in grade school. Awful cheap paints, combined with thin printer paper. UCK!). I'm pretty sure I don't understand what the creature is or what it stands for, which makes me curious and intrigued.

    I've already commented on "Self Portrait", but it still brings a smile to my face. Then I read about freehanding in Photoshop and I feel your anxiety. I think you're pretty amazing managing this using digital media. I have succumbed to the belief that I will never produce anything of worth while freehanding on a tablet. While admiring this, I can truly say I think you were very successful. Reluctance towards self-portraits and digital media aside, you managed to create this.

    Excuse simple-mindedness for a moment, but I must say that "Anonymous Water Lily" is so pretty! It's vibrant and colorful and speaks to my often neglected feminine self. This piece helps me appreciate what can be achieved with colored pencil. Screw digital art! This has -real- texture and -real- definition without using some software-manipulating tricks. I can see real effort here versus the images made by digital artists who can blend layers and use paintbrushes without real talent. I should know. Even -I- can fake some measure of ability in paint programs, but I sure as hell couldn't create this!

    You have reason to be proud of "Eros Giving His Blessing". It's another Photoshop success. His body is great (look at those abs!) and I adore the splash of color in his wings. Though I'm no professional, this looks like Disney to me! I've seen enough shows in my time to know. The subject matter is definitely all you. ;)

    "Fuel", I think, is my favorite. It's so fantastical and beautifully natural. The tree and fungus appeals to the Oregonian in me (nature is amazing), and this brings new meaning to 'miniature pony'. There are so many textures and depths to this image. It takes an artist's patience to draw believable bark and to include details as faint as the fungus' (assumed) reflection of the surrounding greenery. The focus is very creative and feels very fairytale-esque to me. It feels like it should be the image in a classic storybook - one I would have read young and revisited throughout my life, if only for the art. I can see why you aced that class.

    (To self: OMFG STFU CJ, you wordy bitch!)

  3. @Cannibal Jello: OMFG, don't STFU! You actually say more than most art students do, which makes you ludicrously helpful. No joking!

    As for all my pieces: "Reflection" was part 2 of 2, for a graphite project. Part 1 is the better in my opinion, but gods! You understood what I was going for right away, which excites the illustrator in me. :D

    "HOSTIA, No. 9" is part of a project that is so strange to explain, it borders fine art and illustration. I'll try to be brief myself, but basically, if curiosity killed the cat, then curiosity shrunk the ibex and almost got it assimilated with a deadly rose. An ibex comes across a rose that is so alluring, it can't resist smelling it. The consequence is that the animal shrinks and is nearly "devoured," in a manner of speaking, by the rose. However, in the end, the ibex conquers the rose. And from there, you may make of it what you will.

    No need to speak any more about "Self Portrait." :)

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the water lily. The background is not the finest - I needed to lift so many times, and the Bristol couldn't handle so much work. That's one thing about Photoshop that's likeable, is that you can never work the medium to death. Still, give me good old colored pencils any day!

    When I showed my portfolio to the department chair at my university, he kept going back to the page with "Eros" and said: "Keep doing stuff like this." I was astounded! I had pieces like the Buddha and "Fuel," and out of them all, he enjoyed "Eros." I took that as a high compliment. :D

    As for "Fuel," well, I almost cried when I finished that piece. It was like watching a baby grow up over night, or seeing one's kid graduate from college. That sounds incredibly absurd; but still, I wanted so much to keep going and couldn't believe when I was finished. Oh, there are a few things here and there that need ironing out, I'm sure, but... I haven't many words for it. I'm just so pleased it generates such a positive reaction for you.