24 February 2011

Duplication - Exercise #3

Note to self: Osmosis Jones is heckahard to mimic!


Character Design No. 430

Water Leaks and Cancelled Critiques

Well, this week is off to a great finish. ::coughsarcasmcough:: For starters...

My house was FLOODED at 1:30 this morning! Our washing machine, which was completely turned off, mind you, broke - mind you, again, my mum and I live in a 30-something-year-old house, with the original piping and everything. Since my mother sleeps downstairs, she managed to turn off the water before the worst could happen, but right now, our recently remodelled home is torn to pieces and filled with obnoxious dehumidifiers.

Right on!

Then - and this is my fault - I did not have the foresight to check my e-mails before going to class. Mind you, I usually check everything within 24, if not 48 hours. Not this time, and I reach school, only to find out the class is cancelled for today.

Me screameth: WHYYYYY!!!

Luckily, I wasn't the only one who hadn't checked the e-mail, so I didn't feel like an utter dunderhead. Since I have had some time to recover this afternoon, I can finally post the ideas for Project #2:

16 February 2011

Eye Eye Eye, Man!

It's as if the class plans to make a life-sized model of Argos the Many-Eyed Giant at the end of the term... O_o

Eye (Self Portrait) (2011) Pencil on colored paper.

 I also: 1) redrew the gouache eyes in Adobe Illustrator, and 2) created a new brush to use on another eye study. First, the new brush, then the Gouache 3 with the new eye:

XY Brush (2011) Adobe Illustrator.

Simply Add Subtract Then Multiply (2011) Adobe Illustrator.

14 February 2011

When I should be doing classwork...

... I'm having fun doing other things...

What A Lovely Way To Burn (2011) Watercolor and pencil.

 ... O_o... Any and all questions should be directed to my secretary, as it would take quite a while for me to explain what the devil is going on here, and seriously, I need to get back to "real" work.

Happy Cupid Day or Lupercalia or whateva it is ya'll celebrate, foos!

Thrax © Warner Bros., 2001, yo!

10 February 2011

Duplication - Exercises No. 2

I went digging around for other artwork to upload, you know, practicing different studio styles. I ran across my muse that I ever-so often encounter: DRAGON BALL Z, yo! With the unbelievable muscle masses, the LONG power-ups, the bad American English dub actors, and everything in between!

Bido's Condition (detail) (2009) Pencil, ink, and markers.

I don't know why I enjoy Bojack Unbound so much. It isn't one of the better movies, but dang, man! The villains look cool! Their color palette is just so pleasing!

Tired of being a fan-character (2009) Ball point pen, ink, and markers.

I guess this is supposed to be a female version of the villain Cell. I was one of those teenage fans who just had to Rule 63 everything or hook a canon character up, hoping love would change his heart.

:SNORT: Fat chance... So I redrew this character looking tired and cynical.

The Universe's Greatest Criminal, Period (2010) Ink and markers.
Recently, I've gotten back into Disney, and I must say: I love Disney. I also love Akira Toriyama. And Toriyama was inspired by Disney! It all works out! So how about drawing Freeza as in the ensemble of the "World's Greatest Criminal Mind"?

Bojack, Bido, Cell, and Freeza © Akira Toriyama.

09 February 2011

Duplication - Practice No. 1

Some head studies of one of my favorite characters, Thrax from the Warner Brothers film, Osmosis Jones (2001). I want to get accustomed to the different styles of animation that flourish in studios, and Thrax is rather interesting the draw, with all those pointed angles and those crazy dreadlocks.

Eye Eye Eye!

Eyes, guys! And apparently, there will be a lot more where this came from.

Simply, Add, and Subtract (2011) Gouache.

And furthermore, I have thumbnails! And not just the ones on my hands either!

Stay tuned for more hair-raising action!

07 February 2011


It's a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 dream come true. PACKERS WON THE SUPER BOWL! WOO!

"Less schools! More hockey arenas! And PACKERS!!"

This makes me wanna trick out my car to look like a giant spider with a Packers flag flying off the top. God bless MST3k and RiffTrax!