10 February 2011

Duplication - Exercises No. 2

I went digging around for other artwork to upload, you know, practicing different studio styles. I ran across my muse that I ever-so often encounter: DRAGON BALL Z, yo! With the unbelievable muscle masses, the LONG power-ups, the bad American English dub actors, and everything in between!

Bido's Condition (detail) (2009) Pencil, ink, and markers.

I don't know why I enjoy Bojack Unbound so much. It isn't one of the better movies, but dang, man! The villains look cool! Their color palette is just so pleasing!

Tired of being a fan-character (2009) Ball point pen, ink, and markers.

I guess this is supposed to be a female version of the villain Cell. I was one of those teenage fans who just had to Rule 63 everything or hook a canon character up, hoping love would change his heart.

:SNORT: Fat chance... So I redrew this character looking tired and cynical.

The Universe's Greatest Criminal, Period (2010) Ink and markers.
Recently, I've gotten back into Disney, and I must say: I love Disney. I also love Akira Toriyama. And Toriyama was inspired by Disney! It all works out! So how about drawing Freeza as in the ensemble of the "World's Greatest Criminal Mind"?

Bojack, Bido, Cell, and Freeza © Akira Toriyama.

1 comment:

  1. It's about time for some DBZ!

    I really enjoy the expressions on Bido and Bojack. It totally fits their personalities (or what can can infer from that single movie). I enjoy the marker coloring. It takes me back quite a ways. You would think 'Bojack Unbound' would be more popular if only because the villains are pirates. That automatically makes them cool, doesn't it? Why, Bojack could be the next turquoise and orange Johnny Depp!

    Female Cell is interesting (and cynical, indeed!). Makes me wonder which gender would have the bigger ego. I can only assume that female Cell would have that phallical absorption organ. Thank the heavens that I have been immune to Rule 63 so far. Its onset could have disastrous consequences.

    Frieza has already had a healthy dose of appreciation from me. :)