09 February 2011

Duplication - Practice No. 1

Some head studies of one of my favorite characters, Thrax from the Warner Brothers film, Osmosis Jones (2001). I want to get accustomed to the different styles of animation that flourish in studios, and Thrax is rather interesting the draw, with all those pointed angles and those crazy dreadlocks.

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  1. I must start off by admitting that my knowledge of 'Osmosis Jones' is extremely limited. I've only seen bits and snippets of it during 'advanced' high school biology (where my wasteful professors thought it appropriate and useful of tax payers' money to show it). Our class times were never long enough to catch even half of the movie.

    I think it's very intelligent to do character studies such as these. They help build the consistency that cartoonists need. I personally just go by what looks right versus putting effort and education into my work. It likely shows. This, on the other hand, is proof that your heart is truly invested in a dedication to detail and an art form that can prove unique in its challenges.

    This week, for whatever reason, English seems foreign to me. I hope my attempts at logical communication aren't as incoherent as they seem.