16 February 2011

Eye Eye Eye, Man!

It's as if the class plans to make a life-sized model of Argos the Many-Eyed Giant at the end of the term... O_o

Eye (Self Portrait) (2011) Pencil on colored paper.

 I also: 1) redrew the gouache eyes in Adobe Illustrator, and 2) created a new brush to use on another eye study. First, the new brush, then the Gouache 3 with the new eye:

XY Brush (2011) Adobe Illustrator.

Simply Add Subtract Then Multiply (2011) Adobe Illustrator.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no, another self portrait! And another eye!

    For someone who doesn't exactly -enjoy- self portraits, you do a darned fine job making them. The reflection and light in your iris and along the lid lines are details that give life to the image. Often, when I look at artwork, I find it looks best when downsized.

    Your portrait is the opposite - more fine aspects become visible when your work is expanded. Each stroke of pencil that comprises your brow and lashes becomes evident. It reminds me of the overlooked uniqueness to every drawing and every face - both of which can never be accurately reproduced.

    (Okay, maybe with photography they can be copied...but that's not my point...)

    Ah, creating brushes. I did a bit of that back in the day. I didn't make one of sperm, no...but in hindsight, I should have. Look at those little swimmers! Makes me wonder if you have any specific use planned for them. I can only imagine...