14 February 2011

When I should be doing classwork...

... I'm having fun doing other things...

What A Lovely Way To Burn (2011) Watercolor and pencil.

 ... O_o... Any and all questions should be directed to my secretary, as it would take quite a while for me to explain what the devil is going on here, and seriously, I need to get back to "real" work.

Happy Cupid Day or Lupercalia or whateva it is ya'll celebrate, foos!

Thrax © Warner Bros., 2001, yo!

1 comment:

  1. There's absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in fun once and a while! So long as procrastinating (which could be considered self-preservation, depending on the circumstances) doesn't interfere with success down the road, who cares? You have to remain reasonably sane to function healthily, and you might as well enjoy yourself and what you do best when enjoying creativity beyond coursework.

    Your talent with watercolors is so beautiful to me. Not only do I love the pallet here but the textures as well. It seems easy and very common for watercolors to appear flat, lacking the depth this medium is capable of. I also love that you embraced asymmetry. It has a place in art to create interest and unbalance - especially when the characters in focus could be considered unstable.

    Or something. :3