18 March 2011

Argus Project - No. 4

More eyes! I need more eyes!

Patternish Eyes (2011) Adobe Illustrator
Self Portrait No. 2 (Eye) (2011) Photograph

17 March 2011

By the devil's bazzer, garsún!

While everyone else gets to have a relatively good St. Patrick's Day, I've gotta take care of a sick kitty - which might possibly turn into all three of my little monsters sweethearts, depending on the diagnosis. Meanwhile, here's another one of those "I should have been laboring on homework, but I decided to let it slide for this week" kind of thing:

St. Padraic's Day (2011) Watercolor.

Ye does be wishing me cat some good Irish luck, and I'll be bidding you a fair Slán!

 Prof. Ratigan © Eve Titus. Disney 1986. Not for sale.

12 March 2011

He's so wicked...

... so delightfully wicked! God love Vincent Price.

Wicked Studies (2011) Pencil and colored pencil on colored paper.

"To Ratigan! To Ratigan! The world's greatest criminal rat mind!"

Prof. Ratigan © Eve Titus. Disney 1986. Not for sale.

10 March 2011

Technical Gag WIP

For a gag illustration, to be done in the Airplane Safety Card style.

Gag Illustration (WIP) (2011) Google SketchUp and Photoshop

I wasn't born for lovin'...

... I was born to raise HELL.

Born To Raise Hell (2010) Adobe Photoshop
Inspired by a crazy piece of animation with an even more fantabulous soundtrack, the movie Rock & Rule. Find it. Watch it. Marvel over it!

At least the soundtrack. And MOK.

09 March 2011