14 April 2011

The Argus Project - Week 11

For this project, we're supposed to take a "famous" eye, 50 years or older, and post it. I chose Michelangelo Buonarroti's David:

David's Eye (2011) Photoshop

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  1. Goodness, I am failing so badly at giving you the commentary you deserve! Granted, it would be easier if the internet at my home didn't disappear (my neighbors probably didn't like me accessing y!gallery through their network XD) and if my distracting boyfriend returned to work when he was suppose to...

    Anyway, onwards!

    'David's Eye' is really beautiful. In my humble opinion, it's your best Photoshop coloring yet! Your level of proficiency with coloring (and art in general) is what I strive to achieve. I just wish I could improve as fast as you do. Seriously, this looks like you've been great with Photoshop for quite some time (not that I doubt you have been!). It looks effortless while simultaneously being complex in depth. Not only have you chosen a beautiful piece but you've done it justice. In no way does this reflect your aversion to Photoshop and/or digital media!