03 April 2011

Dr. Photoshop

... or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Digital Revolution.

Let me begin by saying that I respect digital media. I believe that Adobe and other companies have devised powerful software that enhances the lives of not only artists, but other individuals, from the common person on the street to the self-taught aficionado, seeking to spice up their photos and the like. I have seen my competition within and without the Internet, and I must confess, I am envious, inspired, and fearful that so many people are far more advanced and proficient at Photoshop than I am. I only wonder how skillful such hands are with traditional tools, but glancing only at their digital art works, I can only assume that these digital masters must be proficient with pencil and paint.

With that disclaimer in mind, I'd like to go on to say: Photoshop hates me. Or I hate Photoshop. I don't know yet. We're going to counseling on the weekends only because Photoshop insists.

Joking aside, here's the upload for the Technical Illustration Project:

(2011) Photoshop.

(2011) Photoshop.

Yeah, but it does get better:

Spheres (2011) Photoshop.

So yes. Slowly but surely.

Actually, I've been working with Photoshop for a couple of summers now. It's just really awkward working with a medium you can't touch or mix. It's like the difference between reading off a Nook or reading from a real book - I'm sorry, trees, but I'll take my paperbacks any day. :) But we'll see. After weekends of counseling.

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