28 April 2011

Filter Jam, in the meantime

While browsing copyright websites, I had to fiddle with Photoshop and create a composition using filters only.

Subliminal, yo! (2011) Photoshop

1 comment:

  1. Looks groove-tastic! That, or it could resemble a very dangerous storm or whirlpool. Make it red and it could be a portal to hell (or maybe I just have hell on the brain today)!

    I was pondering earlier, considering what I know to be your strong traits, and wonder if you've ever had any interest in being a tattoo artist. With your particular talents in hand-coloring and shading, I could see you creating some very beautiful skin art. Oh yeah, and that doesn't typically involve Photoshop and/or digital media (cha-ching!).

    Then again, having most people request certain/exact art might not be creative enough for your innovative mind. :)