02 April 2011

It's Tarzan Saturday!

While painting spheres in Photoshop, my mind roaming as usual, the oh-so-polically-correct 1932 Tarzan the Ape Man was on TCM, followed later in the afternoon by Disney's 1999 rendition, which is no closer to Burroughs' story, but what the hey! Listening to Brian Blessed (the Brit who plays Clayton) ham it up is the LOLz. So, I decided to go through my mountainous portfolio and scare up some of my artwork:

Age-Regressed Clayton. Pencil.
Sheeta, Sabor's Daughter. Pencil and colored pencil.

Brother and Sister. Colored pencil on colored paper.

Tarzan, Clayton,  Lady Waltham, and Sheeta © Burroughs and Disney. No profit has been made or will ever be made off these derivative works.

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