21 April 2011

Project 3 - Color and Tonal Studies

Studies (2011) Photoshop


  1. Hi Tara!!! :)
    Thank you for the wonderful comments you've left on my blog, your insight is most encouraging. I've been looking through your work, and noticed you got some great painting skills. I love the work you put especially in your colored pieces. Your dedication to art is very inspiring, and I hope to get to know you better and see you around more!

  2. Tara, the 2nd version spotlights the main protagonist (the animal being chased) the best. The chasing animals don't read as well because their values are too close to the ground. You could make them darker or the ground brighter.

    As for the color, I have one big question: what emotion do you want your readers to feel when they come upon this illustration? The dominant emerald green hue suggests (to me) some mystery, possibly magic. In contrast, the first version uses more of a local palette. The third version, with the dominant mauve, evokes more of a cool temperature (as if the air was cooler on the skin), whereas the last with the desaturated crimson suggests a more tragic, possibly bloody outcome. Please remember that much subjectivity exists in color perception. This is my read!

    One thing you will need to tweak is the coloration of your lights and shadows. Remember: light has a color, and shadows have a color. Here, you have the same color for both, using mostly value shifts instead of the combination of value AND color shifts to distinguish lit areas from shadows.

    Later in your drawing process, you can use rim lighting to carve out the various animals from the backdrop.

    One small drawing hint: do you think it's organic enough to have the line that marks the lower edge of the cliff look so straight? What could you do to improve it and possibly make it even more threatening and dramatic?

    Tara, this is looking very exciting! Can't wait to see your progress!