06 May 2011

Project 3 - Children's Book

Man, this is not my week. First, my presentation day goes nightmarishly awry. Then I wake up with anxiety-induced influenza! I tell you, this semester is literally killing me.

Anyway, here's a digital painting for a short story idea:

No Other Choice (2011) Photoshop

No Other Choice: The Process (2011) Photoshop

The original story I wrote goes like this:

There once lived a family of Daemons in a forest, not far from their village. They peacefully went about their daily lives: cooking, cleaning, fishing, and hunting. One day, as the father and son were playing outside, a great two-headed serpent awoke because of all their noise. The creature lunged for the boy, but the father shoved his son aside. The serpent poisoned the father and escaped. The boy rushed his father home to the mother, who immediately recognized what type of bite it was. She told her son that she needed the rare Yatro plant, or else the father would perish into the Land of Spirits.

The mother could not leave the father’s side. The village was at least one day's journey, and the route to the closest known patches of Yatro were dangerous. Feeling responsible for his father’s injury, the Daemon boy took his faithful steed in secret, vowing to return with the plant. However, as the boy entered the mountain, he crossed paths with the pack of ravenous Hadean wild dogs that live on the mountain. The boy and his steed fled, only to find themselves cornered at the edge of a cliff. By incredible chance, the Yatro plant was on the other side.

With seconds to spare, the Daemon boy and his steed leapt across the rift. The boy grabbed the plant as the steed landed, and they hurried back down to the valley, following a safer path home. The mother took the plant, mixing it into a brew, and administered it to her husband. The father survived and thanked his son for his incredible heroism.

P03 Thumbnails (2011)

P03 Creature design (2011)

P03 Devil Boy Design (2011)

P03 Creature Design 02 (2011)

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