19 June 2011

Thrax Family - Sketches

Dear Warner Bros.,

Forgive me all the mindless fanart and other derivatives of your character Thrax. Osmosis Jones was not exactly the best movie ever (to put it very lightly), but you created such a Magnificent Bastard that he begs to be immortalized somehow.

Sincerest regards,


From left to right, top to bottom: Áine, Sdia, Herne, and Judicaël. Photoshop 2011.


  1. What?! Kibito, when did you dye your hair?! And...lose your nose?!

    Oh, wait.

    There is a definite family resemblance between these four individuals, and yet each has his (its?) own traits and personalities evident in his features. By no means did you repeat virtually identical figures as most lame/lazy "artist" would, but give each one a recognizable uniqueness while effectively portraying them as a connected bunch. Not only that, but you used different techniques and characteristics to achieve this affect.

    Oh, how I love purples...

  2. @ Cannibal Jello:

    Methinks Kibito got cheap plastic surgery in El Salvadorian back alley. XD

    Many, many thanks! I believe whole-heartedly that my greatest strength as an artist is drawing the head. Before I even entered college, at the high school level, I was already acting characters: getting into their heads, empathizing with villains and heroes; I certainly got strange looks from other students, but whatever. Most of the people who gave me dirty looks are now burger flippers or clerks at LOLmart.

    I've acted out characters nearly all my life, and to this day, in the privacy of my home, I pretend I'm Dabura or Kaioshin or Kibito or Thrax or whoever it is, and I actually speak and act out scenes. I think that's why my writing and my artwork has a certain uniqueness, like you said. I want characters to feel real, to feel like individuals, and I think I've very good at depicting that: maybe not the best, but still very good. :)