26 August 2011

China and Secret Detentions

You know, it's articles like this that remind me of this: Just because the economy has been shifting towards Asia doesn't mean Asia is necessarily better than any other continent.

Chinese law would legitimize secret detentions

This isn't necessarily new news - not by a long shot. And no, the US isn't perfect - the US government does the same thing to people, citizens or not, holding them without trial. But please, blacklisting songs by Gaga and Beyonce? Just because some people in the US don't like them isn't grounds for blacklisting them! Why not turn a deaf ear? Why not have an open dialogue instead as to why something is "bad" or "good" as opposed to shutting it up altogether?

I might not have as much money as a Chinese bank, and living freely is a paradox in the US. But at least I can speak openly among friends what I dislike about my country, and I can crank up the Monster in my car, if I so choose.

19 August 2011

Western comics look to Asia

Since I've enrolled in a sequential art class, I thought this brief article on BBCNews was interesting to read:

Comic giants battle for readers

It's absolutely incredible how markets overall have shifted from the West, especially the United States, to the rapidly growing powers in Asia. Now more than ever, it seems like being an artist means stepping outside of the studio and beyond the bounds of being technically strong. If you lack any knowledge of established culture, popular culture, politics, anthropology, religion, and the like, you can't really call yourself an artist.

18 August 2011

Back to the drawing board...

... or I guess in this age, "Back to the Wacom tablet!"

But before I stray from traditional for a whole semester, I just wanted to upload a couple of pieces that have been sitting on the shelf, waiting for attention.

Fauvist Athena (Water-based Oil Paint)

Magenta Alex Grey (Gouache)

The painting on top is of Sarah Raine Behl, a friend of mine who dates back to around high school and Drawing and Painting major. The one below that is a shout-out to Alex Grey, who creates the album for the band Tool; it's also a little nod back to Christian Hill and his eyes project from Spring 2011 in Digital Illustration. Huzzah!