10 October 2011

Society of Illustrators - Contest!

Wish me luck, folks! I entered 3 pieces of illustration into the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles this year. The prizes are pretty big, so heap the blessings on me heavily.

Also, give props to my illustration prof, Cliff Cramp! His digital painting was chosen for the cover of the new Star Wars Blu-Ray:

The Art of Cliff Cramp

The guy is not only a great artist, but he's a fantastic human being. He won't mince words; he'll tell you what needs improvement, but he won't tear you a new bum-hole. He's a total father-figure. Check. Out. His. Art.

That is all.

1 comment:

  1. Have I seen any of the pieces you submitted? And yay for being proactive in your career choice! I can't believe how many students don't participate in these competitions.

    Good luck!