08 February 2012

Hind & Heart - UPDATE!

Hey there, boys and girls! Long time, no see, eh? After much procrastinating, I've finally decided to join tumblr. My little nook is called Hind & Heart, where I'll be (hopefully) uploading work pertaining to a project that a friend and I have been longing to start. You can read more about it on the tumblr proper.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if I should start doing commissions: nothing big, mind you, just the kind you see advertised on places like deviantART and what not. Obviously, I won't be advertising my services on dA but on websites that are slightly more reputable. So wish me luck!

UPDATE 23 JUN. 2012: The Hind & Heart tumblr no longer exists. Instead, I've replaced it as the-coquelicot-swallow.tumblr.com. It still serves the same place-holding purpose but is going under a new name and web address.

Logo explorations for that blog and this one can be found here under Graphic Design exercise

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