16 May 2012

The Cat Piano - A Fan-Mini-Book

The Cat Piano was written by Eddie White and co-directed by him and Ari Gibson in 2009. Set in a city of music-loving cats, all the best singers are being abducted by a human to be put to work in his cat piano. It's a rather sinister device, based off a device described by Athanasius Kircher and Johann Christian Reil. The narrator and protagonist leads "an army of the brave" to rescue his lady-love, fairest of singers, and everyone else from the horrors of their captivity.

While attending the university, I was required to take a traditional media class, which, being a traditional artist, I felt absolutely in my element. Late in the semester, while browsing YouTube, I ran into The Cat Piano and was utterly inspired. For the final project, we were supposed to design a book cover, but the professor (a fellow cat-lover) okayed me to construct a book with 6 illustrations based off The Cat Piano.

The City's Luminous Heart - Page 1

The Fair Queen - Page 2

The Cruelest Instrument - Page 3

An Army of the Brave to Settle the Score - Page 4

"We pounced, we scratched and bit..." - Page 5

The narrator writing his ode - Page 6
I absolutely recommend watching the video and reading about the project. And if anybody can, give my regards to Eddie White. :3

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  1. Hi Tara I only just came across there pictures. Nice work! Really flattered that you based them on our film. We actually have a feature film in development (similar style to Cat Piano) so keep in touch on the facebook page. Eddie White