22 August 2012

Because Yugioh Abridged needs more fanart...

Inspired by LittleKuriboh's YGO:TAS. Out There as sung by Hank and Marik Ishtar.

Get off, you wanker! (2012) Pencil and Corel Painter

It even comes with its own hilarious dialogue. Hiiilarious.

BAKURA: What the hell -

HANK ISHTAR: Hello, sexy gypsy witch lady! I am a powerful Catholic figure with the sinful desire to rape you.

BAKURA: Marik, where the hell are you?

MARIK: Trying to stay in character! I'm a sexy, angst-ridden tomb-keeper, whose dad keeps him locked up from the fangirls and their bad slash fanfiction.

BAKURA: So why the bloody hell am I dressed like a whore from the 1480s? And why the bloody hell is your psychotic father groping me?

MARIK: Because that's how it goes in the movie!

BAKURA: What does that even mean?!

HANK: I was just imagining a whip striking your beautiful back, sexy gyspy witch lady!

BAKURA: I know what you're "imagining," you Catholic pervert.

MARIK: Isn't that repetitive?

BAKURA: And if you don't want me *to tear the skin off your back and sew it onto Odion's, you'll get your pervy hands off!

*[it's funny 'cause it's canon]

HANK: Sounds like my sexy gypsy witch lady needs a spa~a~anki~i~ing!

BAKURA: Marik! You [bleeping] wanker!

MARIK: Sorry! I'm trapped in the woe that I can't save my love interest from the gross sexual desires of my power-hungry father figure.

BAKURA: Damn it all to hell!!

02 August 2012

There is no face of death...

"... until the moment of your own death. And I am only one of many messengers."

Prince Ratigan Unmasks Death (2012) Photoshop.

Fan-service to Vincent Price and Osmosis Jones. You know, for LOLz.

Sic transit gloria mundi, yo!

The Masque of the Red Death (film) by Roger Corman. 1964. Basil of Baker Street © Disney 1986 and Eve Titus. Osmosis Jones © Warner Bros. 2001.