22 August 2012

Because Yugioh Abridged needs more fanart...

Inspired by LittleKuriboh's YGO:TAS. Out There as sung by Hank and Marik Ishtar.

Get off, you wanker! (2012) Pencil and Corel Painter

It even comes with its own hilarious dialogue. Hiiilarious.

BAKURA: What the hell -

HANK ISHTAR: Hello, sexy gypsy witch lady! I am a powerful Catholic figure with the sinful desire to rape you.

BAKURA: Marik, where the hell are you?

MARIK: Trying to stay in character! I'm a sexy, angst-ridden tomb-keeper, whose dad keeps him locked up from the fangirls and their bad slash fanfiction.

BAKURA: So why the bloody hell am I dressed like a whore from the 1480s? And why the bloody hell is your psychotic father groping me?

MARIK: Because that's how it goes in the movie!

BAKURA: What does that even mean?!

HANK: I was just imagining a whip striking your beautiful back, sexy gyspy witch lady!

BAKURA: I know what you're "imagining," you Catholic pervert.

MARIK: Isn't that repetitive?

BAKURA: And if you don't want me *to tear the skin off your back and sew it onto Odion's, you'll get your pervy hands off!

*[it's funny 'cause it's canon]

HANK: Sounds like my sexy gypsy witch lady needs a spa~a~anki~i~ing!

BAKURA: Marik! You [bleeping] wanker!

MARIK: Sorry! I'm trapped in the woe that I can't save my love interest from the gross sexual desires of my power-hungry father figure.

BAKURA: Damn it all to hell!!

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